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Our parent company, Erinite Energy, is a 100% Black owned and managed South African company that is fast establishing itself as an innovative player in renewable energy. With interests in solar, wind and what's described as the world's future fuel, green hydrogen, which offers unique solutions for transporting, storing and efficiently utilising emission-free energy. And, to meet the urgent energy needs of South Africa, we also supply and install a wide range of gas water heating and cooking appliances. Sun, wind, gas and hydrogen energy are what fuels Erinite Energy.
Within the Erinite Energy Group is Erinite Elite Energy, our solar solutions company for residential and commercial applications. Having collaborated for two years, it was hardly surprising the two companies, Erinite and Elite Energy Solutions, would formalise the alliance, as we share the same values of providing superior quality in our technology, workmanship and customer service. Erinite quickly established its professionalism and bona fides by acquiring its status as an approved supplier of FNB. While Elite, a family business comprising four generations of skilled electrical contractors, has been a leading force in renewable energy since 2008. As Erinite Elite, we have come together with FNB to provide a cutting-edge, affordable solar solution for your home or business.

How to enjoy the most
affordable, reliable, cleanest
energy under the sun.

Finally, there's something you can do to make relentless power outages and the soaring costs of electricity things of the past.

Just as Erinite Elite Energy assures state-of-the-art technology manufactured for lasting quality, FNB make it more affordable with equally innovative financing options. Together we share the same vision for solar power: a concept summed up in two words: accessibility and affordability! And that’s putting power in your hands.


Get the best deal when you finance your solar solution with FNB

Considering that between 30% and 50% of your electricity usage is used to heat water, and that another 7% is used for cooking, we have another option that’ll make significant cuts to your electricity bills. An LPG gas oven, stove, and a gas geyser. 

Using this transition fuel means significant savings whether your power is drawn from the national grid or generated by our Erinite solar system, as the saved energy can be diverted to power even more appliances. 

The equipment we supply and install are all trusted brands regarded as the best quality on the market.

Erinite Energy was born out of Erinite Developments’ vision of providing affordable homes free of load-shedding and spiralling utility bills by using solar power solutions. 

Constructing eco-friendly homes using modular pre-cast technology, we have a wealth of experience in providing South African customers with significant energy-saving, cost-saving, and planet-saving benefits. 

We also pride ourselves on our level of service. It begins with planning your solar solution for maximum efficiency. It continues when our technicians visit your property to install and connect your system to exacting standards.  

And even when it’s all up and running, our service remains long after that. Our Erinite App monitors the functionality of the system 24/7. And our long-term aftersales service includes maintaining your system for optimum performance. 

According to Eskom, SA can expect another five years of load-shedding.


Decrease your carbon footprint. Increase the value of your home.

Installing an Erinite state-of-the-art solar system means that the money you save on your utility bills will, in a few years, allow you to recoup your initial investment.

It also means adding a highly desirable feature to your home. For example, a state-of-the-art solar system will be a significant selling point for would-be buyers if you wish to sell your property in the future.

But there is something else that solar power can help save: good old Mother Earth!

Over and above saving money, solar power – along with other renewables – is the most cost effective method of generating electrical power. And that’s an undeniable fact.


South Africa is one of the top fifteen highest emitters
of carbon emissions per capital in the world.


Saving Good Old Mother Earth

We have discussed the money you can save through an Erinite solar solution throughout our website. But there’s something else that solar power can help save: Good old Mother Earth!

Here are some compelling facts and figures why this is so important:

South Africa's energy sector is the most coal-dependent of the top 20 countries in the world.
As much as 88% of our electricity is generated via harmful fossil fuels.
SA is amongst the top 15 highest emitters of carbon emissions per capita in the world. So, for the sake of our children and future generations, we all need to play our part in creating a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

Saving Cash With Solar

The Ndlovu Family
Pinetown, KZN

Savings in year one:
R56 800

When to recoup investment:
3 years, 8 months.

Reduction in annual CO² emissions:
372 kg

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