At Erinite Elite, we have a simple philosophy about the equipment that makes for a highly effective solar system.  We do not cut corners. We do not take shortcuts. We never, ever compromise on quality. And that applies equally to our installation process, too.  So, you can rest assured with peace of mind in abundance. 

Additional cost of load-shedding: House break-ins up 13.5%.


The Complete System

Your own home solar power system consists of three main components: the solar panels, the inverter and the battery bank.

Three easy steps:

The photovoltaic solar panels, which are installed on your roof, generate electricity as soon as they feel the sun’s rays.
The electricity generated is then transported to an inverter; a component that converts DC power to usable AC power. Being a hybrid inverter, it accommodates both off-grid solar power and power carried by the national grid.
If your solar panels generate more power than you need at any given time, the additional energy is stored in your battery bank. So during night time or cloudy days, or during load shedding, you still have access to your self-generated power.

The Best Solar System In The Solar System. Guaranteed!

Our PV Solar Panels

We install photovoltaic panels manufactured by JA Solar (or equivalent), which is the world’s largest producer of solar panels. 

These panels offer the highest cell efficiency and are known for their exceptional lifespan. This is why we can provide you with the most extended product guarantee: a 25-year output and a 12-year product warranty.  

Size-wise, each 355Wp Mono panel is 1,80 x 1 meter, and positioned directly into the sun – on a north facing roof – they generate 560 kWh in a year – which is about the highest energy yield you’ll find.


The inverters and batteries we supply are manufactured by SunSynk (or equivalent), a brand globally renowned for its industry-leading quality.

The SunSynk technology we supply also includes free access to an app that monitors (in real-time) the solar energy you’re generating, plus the savings you’re making.  

The inverter comes with a five-year warranty, and the battery includes a ten-year product warranty.


As for the battery bank, this will be based on your energy consumption. Our battery packs range in output from 2.4 kW to 14 kW. 

To give you a better idea, the average South African household usually requires a 4,8 to 7,2 kW battery pack, which provides around four to six hours of power. So, it’s ideal for load shedding. 

The size of the inverter is dependent on the number of solar panels that you have installed.  


The mounting material, which is often overlooked, is the foundation of the entire solar energy system. So extensive testing of the materials for quality and durability in different weather conditions, is something we do diligently. 

For sloping roofs, we utilise the Esdec ClickFit EVO series (or equivalent) . In the case of flat roofs, we mount with FlatFix Fusion from the same manufacturer. 

All mounting materials come with a 10-year guarantee.

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