The solutions we provide begin with a series of critical questions we need to ask you. For instance:

  • What kind of roof do you have, is it pitched or flat

  • Where is your DB board situated, in the house or the garage?

  • What’s your average electricity bill over the last three months? 

What A New Solar System Means To You (And Our Planet). A Solar Survey Explained.

When preparing a quotation, we go into far more detail than most solar companies. The following is an example of a proposal we prepared for a customer living in Sandton, Gauteng. 

Determining Metrics: 

  • Inclination angle roof: 38°
  • Sun hours per year:1 607
  • Orientation of your home: azimuth of 32 °
  • Current consumption: 68160 kWh 25103 kWh:

Recommended solar solution:

  • 44 solar panels, each with a 350 watt-peak
  • A SunSynk inverter
  • SA Brick roof tile
  • Installation of the full solar package
  • 2x SunSynk 5.0 battery pack (all in)

With an Erinite solar solution, the customer will generate the following by the end of year one:

  • 25103 kWh
  • Actual savings: R 62,004 
  • Within five years and three months, the customer will recoup his investment* 
  • Reduction in your annual CO² emissions: 482 kg

An additional cost of load-shedding? Around one million jobs lost.


Your Journey to
Stellar Energy Solution
with Three Easy Steps

The Consultation

This is a quick and easy online process. Fill out the questionnaire below, and we’ll contact you within five working days to arrange for a virtual consultation. If there are any issues beyond the norm, we’ll send one of our consultants to visit you at your property.

The Proposal

We use highly advanced technology to craft a bespoke proposal to suit your needs and your wallet. Google satellite imagery captured in real-time will inform us how many photovoltaic solar panels can be accommodated on your roof. Virtually every flat or pitched roof will be suitable.

The Installation

Once you are happy with our quotation and all the commercial details have been finalised, we’ll arrange for our installers to set up and connect the system. It usually takes one working day to install the solar panels, the inverter that converts AC to DC power, and a battery bank, which stores excess energy to be used on cloudy days, night-time or during national grid outages.


Another Erinite vision that is being realised is the formation of a network of SMEs that are being trained as solar panel installers country-wide.

Please check with us for
vacancies via our Contact Page

Creating new businesses means creating what we desperately need in South Africa – precious new jobs. Both for new as well as existing enterprises. 

As a highly skilled profession that is strictly regulated, teams of Erinite installers who will fully comply with the South African Photovoltaic Installers Association (SAPVIA) are undergoing training.

If you currently run a solar power installation or an electrical company, we’d love to chat with you about becoming an Erinite partner.

So please get in touch with us through our Contact Page

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